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Monday, October 26, 2009

"Fuck Art - Let's Dance"

I wish I'd said that. And I can't say I know who did...but I concur.

Although I'm busy making 'immortal' art - a large-scale still life (titled:Nature Morte) of an actual P-Lab, 50 paintings to go (of 100) to finish The Illustrated History of Painting, and more ideas on tap than I have life for - I'd rather be making time based 12 bar noise.

In lieu of that - as Chauncey Gardner was wont to say - "I like to watch." those greater than myself.

Below please find a vid of T Bone Walker ( an electric guitar virtuoso who comfortably crossed musical boundaries and accompanied giants of jazz, blues & rock 'n' roll. Jimi Hendrix claimed T Bone was his biggest influence.

Not only can the man play the guitar (inside out) but sing like Satan himself. And, like Junior Wells, handsome enough to make a straight man gay.

Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong

This here's Junior Wells singing and playing the blues harp - in front of, per usual, a room full of (German?) white folk - through a dramatically unsuitable dynamic mic...which he magically turns into an uber-erotic hand-prop. Junior - infamous for drinking down tumblers of high-test spirits (all night long) and not tumbling down - may not enunciate his lyric in a conventionally understandable way...but we know just what the man is talking 'bout.

His and Buddy Guy's album -
Hoodoo Man Blues is , arguably, the most important amplified blues album of all time.

Junior Wells with Otis Rush on Guitar
Hoodoo Man