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Thursday, January 28, 2010

P-Lab Rumored in Garden City Gallery

A P-lab was recently found domiciled in Remuera, one of the north island's poshest suburbs, and we say… it’s about time Aotearoa!

Why should educated, affluent and sophisticated Kiwis have to motor the mean streets of South Auckland, or Aranui for that matter (tempting car-jackers with the R-Rover Vogue) for an affordable $800 gram of P.

Why should we, in New Zealand – a country that typically languishes near the bottom of almost every world trend list – risk significant personal assets to maintain our nation’s collective ranking as having one of the top rates, per capita, of meth-addiction in the world.

Kate Montgomery, visionary Director of Christchurch’s Physics Room has invited Marie-Claire and I to set up our P-Lab – like a prohibition era speakeasy - in her back room.

Beginning 9 March 2010 you may stop in at the front desk of the Physics Room, give accomodating Physics Room staffers Kate, Vanessa or Jamie the password (“Nature Morte”) and be shown to what will be Christchurch’s premier P-Lab experience.

The confirmed schedule for the Nature Morte traveling P-Lab ‘medicine’ show, is, so far:

9 March 2010 – The Physics Room, Christchurch

10 August 2010 – The Blue Oyster, Dunedin