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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Auckland police - perhaps taking a lead from I & Marie-Claire's Nature Morte - have fabricated a faux-P-Lab. The lab is designed to educate the public about what a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory might look like. We think our lab's more convincing.

We've just gotten back from setting up Nature Morte (at Suite-City Gallery) on Wellington's Oriental Parade. Whereupon we received our first, Nature Morte connected, 'hate mail'........

"This is not art it is just artists being pretentious and trying to be controversial. It is an insult to everyone who has to see it. I just hope your kid/kids do not get hooked on P .

You are a complete waste of space and should be expelled from society.

I pity anyone who has to associate with you as your ideas are not only evil but also insane."

Thank you for your thoughtful comments on Nature Morte. Both Marie Claire (to whom I’ll pass on your email) and I appreciate hearing from our audience.

I agree with you that all movies, books, theatre pieces, songs and images which portray drug use, murder, mayhem, or promiscuous sexual relations should be “-expelled from society -” along with the so-called artists who create such trash. That would, if effectuated,
eliminate at the very least 90% of all fictional works created over the previous human millennium.

In fact Adolf Hitler did just that when he mounted his cautionary Degenerate Art exhibition and when he ran a great many artists from Europe to New York – which had the effect of turning New York City into the world class arts center it is to this day.

Perhaps, if given the right circumstances, you could do the same thing for some other (antipodean?) expelling artists, such as I and my collaborator, from Wellington and New Zealand altogether.

Roger Boyce

"You are a sicko."