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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Scenic Hotel

Home from Auckland, where Bridget McIntosh & Georgina Ralston of Bath Street hosted
Aotearoa; A Pictorial Allegory. Italian (or was it Croation-Indian?) dinner afterwards - with free ranging, vigorous conversation and debate (ranging from the academy, to the artworld, to metaphysics) between the two lovely art dealers + Denys ("-the last painter-") Watkins , his wife (and celebrated ceramist) Bronnynne Cornish and Mariko Susu....a Nipponese painter (also exhibiting) flown in that very day from Japan.

Overnighted at The Scenic Hotel - which is just across the road from Occupy Auckland's encampment. Visited the kids at OWS Auckland during the day and wandered down to the now empty RWC party-central piers - where organizers had left behind lounge-chairs - perfect for lying back beneath an overcast, but temperate, sky while gazing toward the horizon, at ferries, tugs and sailboats cutting through the grey-green waters of Auckland harbour.

Here now, as I type, at a preternaturally quiet Open Studio Day at Ilam..........ah, I must be back in Canterbury.