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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All About Sacrifice Zones in Three Thousand and Nintey-One Seconds

I don't post a great deal of pure political content on this blog.  Facebook - as well as having bled my blog of time, energy, and material (oddly enough the same component parts that make up a painting) - is the repository for most of my virtual political clippings,  conversations and polemic.

Here I make an important exception.

This profound exchange between Chris Hedges and Bill Moyers is so lucid, airtight, and diamantine in its capacity for convincement that I'm moved to post it here and to beg you consider investing three thousand and nintey-one seconds in what is, if nothing more, a riveting accounting of a constellation of culminating historical circumstances and human tendencies that appear to be on the verge of threatening anything we might hope to think of as L-I-F-E.

For those unfamiliar with Chris Hedges - he is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and former veteran foreign correspondent and bureau chief with the New York Times and other major news organizations. He is the rarest of men - having sacrificed his prominent and long professional career in journalism by speaking out against the Iraq war - long before that was a fashionable political posture. Here Hedges speaks convincingly to much larger matters.

Chris Hedges Bio Link

Bill Moyers and Chris Hedges on Capitalism’s ‘Sacrifice Zones’ from on Vimeo.