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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Luke Willis Thompson & the Walters

An apparent lack of Peak-Experience, in day to day existence, may conceivably render creatures of the lecture hall, the conference room, the office suite, the clean white empty space, susceptible and breathless when rubbed up against a chauffeured art world scavenger hunt. Scavenging for capital L life. I am reminded of Andy Kaufman's anticipatory work ... wherein he took an entire audience, from his Carnegie Hall performance - in 24 prearranged buses - out for milk and cookies.

So called anti object works are defined more by what they are not than what they are. Their dematerialized status relying, in large part, on having putatively dematerialized something substantial - that substantial 'thing', more often than not, being the collusive institution itself. Esches fervid claim that Thompson's work cuts "through the protocols of the exhibition system like a knife" is more telling than he may have imagined. Without The Institution and its protocols, to cut through, where, really, would Thompson's piece have literally stood....before launching itself, from the Auckland Art Gallery's loading dock, into some theoretical void.

Blog readers may now recommence beavering toward the reversal or overthrow of the existing tendency, or state, of the art world.